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Abington, MA



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Silent Voice Records

  Travis has made his mark primarily as a skilled guitarist, producer, songwriter, and now recently as a TikTok creator. Originally from small town Abington,MA, Travis grew up very involved in his church where he found his love for music. He was involved in several different music projects that led to his growth as a musician learning drums, bass, guitar and piano and development as a singer as the frontman for The Victory Project. In 2016 Travis decided to move to Los Angeles,CA to pursue music as a full-time career. Today he is privileged to work with some incredible talent in LA as a guitarist, producer and songwriter including artists such as Paul Joung, Brittany Mann, Kylie Diehl, ROBBY, and more. Travis also has created several side projects including the rock project Ineligible Bachelors, pop/electronic project Mighty and the Mystical, and Tales of Apollo. 

Travis Boothman