Gear Supply Company - First Impressions

  I am very excited to talk to you about Gear Supply Company. If you haven't heard of them, they are a company trying to change the way you get guitar gear, and their biggest piece is there guitar string subscription. The subscriptions for electric strings start at $8/month ..... yes i said $8/month.  Even better these subscriptions get cheaper with more sets you get per month. I love that you can just sign up and feel good knowing you will have fresh strings waiting at your door step each month.

   Before we just start signing up, let's look at the cost and how it compares to other strings today. For myself, I would need at least 4 sets a month to cover each one of my current guitars, so let's compare them at 4 sets a month. Gear Supply Co. has a subscription for 4 sets of electric strings a month at $24/month. Previously I was using Daddario NYXL strings that currently cost $12/set. For $24 I can only get 2 sets of NYXL strings. I'd have to spend $48/month to cover all my guitars for NYXL strings. That comes out to $576/year compared to $288/year for Gear Supply Co. That's crazy! Gear Supply Co. is clearly better when it comes to the finances, but how about the tone.

  Every guitarist knows that your tone is important. If your rig sounds terrible, no one will listen no matter how good you may be. When I first saw the prices of Gear Supply Co. that was my big concern. Will the quality be good enough, in both feel and tone that I would want to make the switch? Well if you noticed earlier I said I was previously using NYXL strings, so yes I made the switch. When I first tried the strings I noticed a very natural feel on my fingertips, and a nice rounded out tone that actually sounded better than my NYXL did on my Strat (in my opinion). These strings do not have any coating on them according to Gear Supply Co. and I love that about them! You can slide very easily on the strings, and just feel great to play. They bend well, stay in tune well, and most importantly sound great. I have not had them long enough to tell you when you should ideally change them, so there will be more to come. 

  So in conclusion I will say that Gear Supply Co. has a great thing going. Their strings are great and their prices are great as well. What more can you ask for?! Gear Supply Co. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to try the rest of your products in the near future. 


Check them out here! Gear Supply Company