New Gear - Veritas Custom Portlander

  I have to admit that over the last couple years there has been one guitar that I have always wanted to add to my collection, and that is a Veritas Custom Guitar. For years I was looking to grab one of their jazzmasters as I loved the sound and look of Jeffrey Kunde's Veritas. Over time I decided to get their Portlander but it seemed a bit out of reach to wait 8 months for a $4k guitar. Thankfully for the first time i have ever seen I found a used Portlander for sale and I jumped on it. Now I am proud to say I am an owner of a Veritas Custom Guitar. Feels pretty good, and the guitar lives up to every expectation so far. The build, the playability, the sound, all are incredible. The guitar features Lollar El Rayo pickups and the smoothest bigsby I have ever used. I can't wait to fully put this guitar through its paces on Easter. I hope to have a nice demo of it soon!