Don't Ever Stop by Passion (Lead Guitar)

  Yesterday I took some time and recorded the lead parts I play for "Don't Ever Stop" by Passion. Hope you like it!

Guitar: Veritas Portlander

Amp: Jackson Ampworks Britain 30 

Pedals Used: Walrus Audio Six Deep Compressor, JHS Morning Glory, Emerson Paramount, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Big Sky.

Justin Timberlake Cover - "Can't Stop The Feeling"

  I am very excited to have released my Justin Timberlake cover for "Can't Stop The Feeling". I have been looking for a song to do a serious cover of for some time now, and it was a pretty easy decision listening to this catchy tune. I began recording the day of its release in hopes to release this song quickly. I got the majority done in a couple days but coming down with the flu delayed overall production. Day 7 I went down to New Hope Chapel and had the video team, consisting of a bunch of youth and young adults, do some group vocals for the "Got this feeling in my body" piece at the end of the song. If you want a challenge, try getting 10+ youth to not giggle during a 60 second recording haha. So even though I wasn't feeling well all week, I was able to fight through and finish recording the song in 9 days. On the 10th day I was recording the music video, here are a couple pics from the session.

My view recording vocal takes

Recording guitar next

Video lighting for days

Always wanted to play one of these..... sounded incredible!

  I recorded the video at 37' Productions, a recording studio located in Rockland, MA. If you haven't heard of the studio before, it is a great studio led by head audio engineer Sean McLaughlin. You can check them out more at I was able to pull in Matt Johnson of Mobius Media Solutions to direct the video. I have always wanted to do a video like this, playing all the different instruments. Typically I find myself recording all the instruments during production, so it was fun to highlight that in the video. So after three hours and probably 20+ different takes, the video was shot and ready for editing. That night I was so excited about the video, I stayed up past 3am to sync all the footage together. The next day I put the first draft together and by Wednesday I cut the video together and had it color corrected by Matt Johnson. 12 days after the songs original release I have a full song and music video ready to go! So now I am excited to share the video with you. So hit play below, turn the volume all the way up, and dance around like no one is watching! #CantStopTheFeeling