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Music Update (New Hope Chapel/Victory Project)

   So over the past few months I have had a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy worshipping with the congregation at my new church home New Hope Chapel in Plymouth, MA. It has been so refreshing, but its easy to miss being a part of it. After meeting with the worship leader, I have been in the process over the last few weeks getting to know members of the worship team and slowly transitioning into the worship team. Now to bring it all in full circle, today was my first opportunity playing at New Hope Chapel! To make it even better I was able to play with the Victory Project, a band formed of several members of the church. It was an awesome experience. New Hope has a unique experience of having their services at Memorial Hall which is used consistently for big events and productions from around the country. Tonight there was a production being put on by "Up with People", so they had already setup a lot of lighting and sound equipment. We were blessed to have the lighting guy from "Up with People" actually run some of his lighting setup for us during the service! It was great to be a part of that. So the reason I wanted to write this is one to share the great experience I had in worship this morning, but second to let you know that I have joined the Victory Project band! All the pieces have been coming together over the last month, and I am looking forward to playing and writing with these great guys in the future. We will be playing on September 27th at 7pm at the DCR Pilgrim Memorial State Park Waterfront Band Stand. We will be playing some Victory Project original music as well as some great worship tunes! Check it out on Facebook at "Victory Project Waterfront Worship Night". Also check out the original song they wrote "The Showcase" on iTunes!

   Today was a great day and it was also my first time playing my Britain 30 in a live band setting. We played two services a more laid back version in the chapel for the first, and the all out version in Memorial Hall. Thanks to Jackson Ampworks I was able to place the cap on the cab for the first service to keep it controlled and then open it up for the second service to let it ring out as my own tone reference. One little hiccup after we moved over to Memorial Hall the string on my Ernie Ball Volume Jr snapped! Of course it happens on the day that I am doing long volume swells for good quarter of the set. Thankfully one of the band members is pretty technical and was able to at least make the pedal functional before I can repair the pedal fully myself with Ernie Ball's repair kit. So to wrap this all up it was a great sunday and I had a blast playing with those guys and am excited for what the future brings. Again check out the event on the 27th at the Plymouth Waterfront and check out a quick peak at my rig I used today and a clip of the worship set today! God Bless!

Amp: Jackson Ampworks Britain 30

Guitar: Gretsch Pro Jet Electromatic

Signal Chain

1. Ernie Ball Volume Jr (This1sMyne Mod)

2. JHS Pulp n Peel Compressor

3. Mad Professor Little Green Wonder

4. JHS Moonshine

5. JHS Mr Magic Boost

6. Strymon Timeline 

7. Strymon Big Sky

8. BBE Sonic Stomp

I also had This1sMyne's tap temp switch, the Polytune Mini out of the tuner out on the Ernie Ball and the boost foot switch from the Britain 30 on the pedalboard too.