Recap Victory Project 8/11

Hello everyone!

  I am very thankful to have been very busy over the last few weeks and I wanted to just give you a little recap as to why. Over the last few weeks The Victory Project, the band that I am the frontman for played 3 shows and lead worship at New Hope Chapel over a 10 day span. We were blessed to first play at Discovery Church in Weymouth,MA as they ended their youth conference that spanned the whole week. That church has so much life and energy. It is truly contagious and it was so much fun to play for them.

  Secondly we went right back to our hometown of Plymouth and played at The Spire concert hall. We had been eying that venue for a while and finally got our chance to play there which was totally worth the wait. The whole process was first class from the preparation to our stage plot to running monitors, and lastly the FOH sound quality was top notch. It was such a blessing to play there and bring the Gospel outside of the physical church we have played at so many times.

  Lastly we made our way to New Hampshire to play at the annual Soulfest festival at Gunstock Mountain Ski Resort. This is has been one of my favorite festivals for years as they bring in so many incredible artists. Now thankfully this year we finally got to make our way to the stage and were invited to lead a worship set on the Inside Out stage. We were set to play the final day at Soulfest but several of us went up early to enjoy the other bands set to take the stage. As an artist it was great to hang out backstage with some of our favorite artists and to be able to connect with artists who are really making an impact in the Christian music industry today. Several of the bands that stood out to me were The Vespers, Moriah Peters, Rapture Ruckus, Chasing Cooper, and For King and Country. There were also many other bands that performed so well, but these bands were all ones I have never seen before and now that I can't stop listening too! Now on Saturday we were able to get all our gear loaded up and brought backstage as we got set to play the Inside Out stage. As we got ready there were several variables in getting our monitors setup, the backline gear, etc. Working with both Bergsten Music and Events United, they all made us feel comfortable and confident they were in control. I think I can speak for all of us and say that we were thoroughly impressed. We then were blessed to play our set with some of our original songs including our most recent addition "Find My Rest" along with our version of Jon Guerra's "Stained Glass". It was such a blessing to play at Soulfest, and we hope we get to come back next year and share more of the music we will be working on this fall. Next we will be playing at Grounded4Life in Vermont and then we will be playing Connect Festival on October 3rd. I will also be playing an solo set earlier that day at Connect Festival too. It has been a great 10 days and I can't wait to see what comes next for us!