New Music Monday 11/10

  One of my absolute favorite bands Tenth Avenue North just released there newest album "Cathedrals" today. I love the sound this band produces and the passion that is embedded in each and every song. Even though I have heard only one song so far I am confident that this record will amaze me just as their others did. This band is incredible and I can't wait to jam out with these songs after work today. The album is also available on Spotify which makes it even better. The other band I have been listening to over the last week is Vertical Church Band. This band is incredible, and they just provide such an atmosphere when you are listening that you can't help but worship God. That is the goal of worship, to point the listener to God and Vertical Church Band continues to succeed in that area at least for me personally. I am also very encouraged that the band consists of so many Liberty University graduates including solo artist Meredith Andrews. One of my favorite songs by this band is "Open up the Heavens". The song is incredible and the video below is a true testament to their mission. Not a video in front of thousands of people, but an intimate session with the audience in awe and worship of our one true God. I am also looking forward to the Vertical Conference in Chicago featuring many members of the Vertical Church Band.