Jesus Christ

The Story Behind the Song - "Will We Remember"

  I am very excited and blessed to have released a rough version of my Christmas song "Will We Remember". I wrote this song about 5 years ago as a challenge to myself and to my church of remembering the true reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. I have to admit I don't remember how the line "will we remember" popped into my head, but that was the phrase that drove the rest of the song. I began looking back at past Christmases, and how the only thing that was important was presents. During this time of reflection, there was one particular moment I remember years and years ago. I remember looking around at my brothers opening there presents with my parents looking on, and realizing I was doing exactly what my parents didn't want me to do. I was focused on the presents not on Jesus Christ. I don't know why I went upstairs to my room, but I remember when I was up there I took a second to pray and thank God for sending His Son. It put things into perspective for me, and it is a challenge we all experience year after year. So I started writing the lyrics to this song. The first verse is a look at that moment I experienced, a moment where everyone looks happy and all is well but the real reason to celebrate isn't the priority. It is was convicting for me to think about but the true challenge I believe is in the chorus. Too many times we look at this as just a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, but look at it from God's perspective. He knew He had just placed this perfect innocent baby boy to be tortured and killed to pay for our mistakes, our sins. I don't think we truly understand the significance of this holiday, and I don't think we ever will on this earth. This is God's master plan, and it's to save us! So when we wake up this Christmas morning, what is the first thing you will remember? Will you remember the presents that are under the tree, or remember the price God was willing to pay with His Son?