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Over the last couple of months I have really been challenged in how I would continue to impact the church while stepping down as a worship leader. As God calls me to take my next step of faith, I want to continue helping worship teams grow in New England which can be difficult when you are soon to be thousands of miles away. These last several years I have been blessed to receive a lot of different avenues of worship training through my education and first hand experience as a worship leader. However we all don't have the opportunity to go to music schools or Bible colleges, but we still want to enhance our worship spiritually, technically, and musically. Overall I found that there are so many great training opportunities out there, and I wanted to share the ones that have impacted me and that I believe could impact you and your church. So I will be adding a new portion to my site known as WorshipInThe.Church, consisting of a collection of training/worship materials that I believe will help enhance your worship. I have collected different resources from all over the inter-webs that I will be adding piece by piece to the catalog, and I will be continuously adding new content from other worship leaders, musicians, pastors, and other individuals from across the globe. I have also created several of my own training videos that will be in the mix of materials to share my own vision when it comes to worship in the church. The training content will begin with 6 different broad categories, and more options will be added over time. Check them out below. 

  1. Song Tutorials - tutorials on how to play popular worship songs. Will primarily consist of guitar but also some keys and drums will be available.

  2. Guitar World - we will talk about anything and everything with guitar. Gear spotlights from professional guitar players, gear reviews, tone talks, and how to extend your sonic reach on your worship team.

  3. Worship Team - this topic will discuss ways to enhance your worship team musically and spiritually. We will feature devotionals to help challenge and encourage your team in worship and music driven topics such as music theory in modern worship and vocal techniques.

  4. Live & Studio Production - AV people unite! (inside joke) This is for all those people who help make our church services run smoothly. We will look at many aspects of production in the church, from running click and tracks, mixing in both live and studio environments, gear reviews and more. 

  5. Downloads - here you will be able to access FREE downloads from worship singles, software templates, pedal presets, iBooks, and more! Also you can donate to the site so we can invest in more content and some guest bloggers!

  6. New Music - see our recommendations for new music as found on Apple Music. There are so many songs available now a days, and we want to help you find some great tunes to introduce to your church as well as to enjoy on your own. 

  I am very excited to share these training materials with all of you and I hope they are beneficial to you as well as your church's worship. I also encourage all of you to interact with one another and share your thoughts in the comment section. All I ask is that we first encourage one another as we all search for excellence in our worship. Also comment and let me know what topics you would like to see as part of this training (ex. Editing in Pro Tools or Vocal Warm Ups)

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