Tori Kelly - New Music Monday

Tori Kelly

  Over the last couple of months I have been jamming out to this incredible artist Tori Kelly. Tori is one of the most talented vocalists and musicians I have ever heard myself. There is not many artists who can just play an acoustic guitar and give you goose bumps, but Tori is the exception (along with Ed Sheeran). Along with her incredible talent I truly respect her as a artist. In her song "Unbreakable Smile" she sings "God made me sexy and I don't care if only I know". She so simply states that she is not going to flaunt herself on stage like so many artists today. She is an artist you can listen to and watch knowing she didn't build her audience with her "sex appeal", but rather with her talent, hard work, and her passion for music. I saw a post by artist  Keith Elgin who had recently attended one of her concerts. I guess throughout the night it became very clear to everyone that Tori was a woman of faith. Whether it was praying before the concert and sharing her favorite Bible verse, she wasn't afraid to share despite all the pressure in today's society. She may not sing the worship songs so many of us enjoy, but I think it is incredibly powerful to have a "mainstream" artist who appears to be setting the right example of what an artist should look like today. If you haven't heard of Tori Kelly yet, you soon will! Check out her newest album "Unbreakable Smile" and if you are in Boston on July 3rd you can see her live at the Paradise Rock Club. You know I will be there!