Songwriting "A look now and then"

Growing up I was blessed to be a part of a band known as Steadfast. Now I was the youngest in the group by a few years and at the time played bass with some talented musicians Fred Boothman (Guitar), Brad Clark (Electric Guitar) Brian Soule (Drums). We began as a worship band in church and then began playing at other venues still while playing covers of worship songs. Eventually we came to the conclusion that we wanted to write some of our own original songs. We began to write, but unfortunately I had not developed enough as a musician and couldn't contribute much at all. It was tough not being able to contribute so from everything I heard you just had to write like crazy and that was what I did. Probably around my sophomore year of high school I began really pushing myself in songwriting, but it took a while until I could produce any decent results. Years ago I thought those songs were great, but today I am glad I didn't mass produce them. As I look to really build and produce my own music, it was helpful to see how I have developed over the years and I wanted to share that with you. I have attached two tracks to this post, one of which is songs I wrote from around my junior year of high school until my sophomore year of college, and the second track is songs I have written from then until now. Now but the other reason I post this is because I am curious what songs you enjoy from my newer collection. These are all rough cuts that I will be recording in the near future, but you can get a good idea of what I am going for. The last 2 songs from the 2011-2014 track are 2 of my newest and could be my favorites so far too! I tried to use some of my favorites as well as a few experiments as well. So take a listen and comment below what songs you enjoy!!