Jackson Ampworks Britain 30

     For around a year now I have been looking at Jackson Ampworks and their incredible amps, but the price point has kept me on the other side for a long time. After some saving I am happy to say I have purchased the Britain 30 along with their 1x12 Isolation Cabinet with an alnico gold speaker. With this type of purchase the question always arises, was this purchase worth it? Thankfully the answer I have for this amp is absolutely yes! This amp is incredible. This is easily the most dynamic amp I have every played. I love my Vox and Orange amps but the Britain 30 really brings out the true style of each guitar player. In one second I could play a slight broken up clean arpeggio and the next second ring out a power chord without changing anything and get a full overdrive sound. This gives you so much flexibility and forces you to rely on the way you interact with your guitar rather than dancing around on your pedalboard. That's coming from the man who's love his pedalboard! This amp really is just something special. One of my favorite features is the 2 mixing channels. I primarily use the second channel and just bring it up to 8 o'clock and then bring the first channel just up slightly. The second channel brings out a great clean tone, while the first channel just adds that slight grit. This just brings out such a full sound that no amp I have ever played can match. This feature allows for so much flexibility from a full clean tone to overdrive/distortion tones, especially with the boost on channel 1. On top of that the isolation cabinet also gives me so many options. Living in an apartment it was tough to jam out on my 30w tube amps without disturbing anyone within a 200 ft radius. Now I can crank my amp and it would be the equivalent of a 1/4 of the amp's power with no isolation. It's very impressive. Overall I couldn't be happier with this amp so far. I can't wait to really run it through the true tests at church and hopefully at some shows. But check out jacksonampworks.com there amps are awesome, and worth every penny. I hope to have some demos up soon so stay tuned!