A Guitar Rig that Never Stops Changing

So I haven't written here in a while but i wanted to just give an update to what my pedalboard is looking like now a days. So when I first put this blog up I had between 9-10 stomp pedals on my board. Today I only have 7. Before I kept finding myself adding delay after delay which was taking up about half of my pedalboard. A few weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Strymon Timeline and it was absolutely worth it! The tones are so warm and clear that it was an easy decision to replace all of my delay pedals with this one beauty. With this I now have room for things such as my Vox AC30 Footswitch, Orange Footswitch or even my Looptimus to place on the pedalboard instead of keeping them on the side like I normally do. Who knows how long this will last with how good this delay is I can see myself grabbing the Strymon Big Sky soon enough. 


Secondly I also purchased a new guitar! Typically I found myself spending more and more money every time for a bigger brand name but this time I found myself saving a few bucks. I was fortunate to pick up a Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet. I have been wanting a Gretsch for a while, the Duo Jet specifically but $2500-$3000 is not reasonable at the moment. So with a friend of mine selling this guitar I picked it up and for the price I am very impressed. Now as a used guitar probably being the 3rd owner it has some work needed such as on the fretboard and probably new pickups. But I will be able to get this setup exactly the one I want pickups and all for less than this guitar brand new. It has a very unique tone which I have been looking for as I look up to the sounds of Jeffrey Kunde of Jesus Culture. I played some quick demos where you may see the similar tones to Jeffrey Kunde as I play some of his lead lines from "Come Away". 

Check out my Instagram page as a posted some quick videos of me playing the Gretsch along with the Strymon Timeline!

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