Companies you should know about

Over the last couple of months there are a few companies that I have found for the first time or have rediscovered that I just wanted to share. My favorite part is that all of these companies are led by fellow Christians! So check these companies out who are creating some incredible products.

Matthews Effects 

  To be honest I am not sure how I ran into Matthews Effects, but I got sucked in immediately when I saw the pedals being produced here. I have not been able to purchase a pedal just yet, but I will be purchasing his new tremolo pedal as soon as I get the chance (and the money). He produces great clones as well as his own original pedals. If you haven't checked out his pedals check them out they are absolutely incredible.



Veritas Custom Guitars

  I first discovered Veritas Custom Guitars around a month ago when I watched Jeffrey Kunde walk through his pedalboard setup on YouTube. Veritas does not hide their Christian faith placing Romans 10:9 write on their logo featured on every guitar they produce. They make a wide variety of guitars as well as bases, and every one that I have heard have sounded incredible. These guitars will run you a good chunk of change, but for this kind of quality it is absolutely worth it. One of their real unique options is a class to learn how to build a guitar. This is a great opportunity to learn a difficult craft from proven professionals and create your own guitar in the process. A cool option to look at if you are looking to learn that art. In the end I known next time I am looking for a top of the line guitar, I will be working with Veritas for sure. 




Tyler Amps

  Tyler Amps is probably the one I know the least about. However I had the pleasure of hearing Mikeschair playing a Tyler Amp and it sounded incredible! The tone was so crystal clear, and I just had to find out what he was using. I immediately looked up Tyler Amps and have seen nothing but good reviews. I also found Tyler Amps on Instagram and found one of my favorite pictures building an amp (seen on the right). This is a great example how they worship God in their work each and every day.