Music Monday 11/3

  So I am posting this a day late but I just wanted to highlight some new music I am listening to this past week. The first is Sanctus Real's new album "The Dream". This is a great album. Brings back some of that 80's pop synth sounds and has some catchy tunes. I always love when artists are willing to break out of their usual sound and explore new territory. and for this album I think it really paid off. The second album I have been listening to is none other than Taylor Swift's new album "1989". I am not ashamed to say I listen to Taylor Swift because I really appreciate the way she molds her music and is also willing to explore many different styles of music. She has gone from more acoustic driven ballads to synth driven pop songs. One thing that I have been looking more at over the last day or so in songwriting is taking a literal phrase or word and communicating it in a very artistic way. Taylor Swift does this very well with lyrics such as "bandages can't cover up bullet holes".  Doing this can allow listeners to feel, hear, and even visualize different aspects of the song. It allows the listener to get to know the songwriter as a person, their struggles, their successes, etc. I also find it very important for songwriters and musicians to be listening to wide varieties of music. Don't always listen to same genre, instead listen to new styles and genres. It's amazing how much it spreads your musical palette and even how it affects how you write and play music.