Connect Festival

   I had the great privilege of playing with The Victory Project this past saturday at Connect Festival this year located at Campanelli stadium in Brockton, MA. I played in Connect Festival the first year and it was awesome and I couldn't wait to play there again. Just like the first year we were just before the headlining act set to play at 6:15pm on the second stage. It was a lot of fun. The first year we were so panicked getting on stage that we started I think 15 minutes earlier than our time (which meant not many were there yet). This time I can't say I wasn't rushing to get ready I was in a real hurry. However I was able to this year understand what I needed to get ready what pieces of my rig I could live without. We were able to setup around 7-8 minutes which from what I'm told is the easiest & quickest setup they had all day on that stage. We played our set featuring our own original music as well as some worship songs and we had a blast! This was a great opportunity for us as we try to reach out more as a band, and just to continue doing what we love in playing music. Below are a few pictures from the festival! Thanks for reading!