Steadfast - Throwback Thursday

  So today I figured why not participate in throwback thursday. I start looking through my iPhoto library and one of the first things I run into is when I played my bass in my first band known as Steadfast. When we first started, this band consisted of my brother Fred Boothman and several of my closest friends Scott Dube, Brian Soule, and Brad Clark. Back then I will admit I thought we were going to be rock stars. We had fun playing together we began writing songs, and it just seemed like the next step was going to be playing at the main stage of Soulfest with Casting Crowns opening for us. I don't think I need to tell anyone that's not quite how the story went. We played our first show entering with a fog machine and to say it epically failed would be a drastic understatement. Through the years we began playing more shows around New England and it was a great time. We may not have had the best sound or maybe not even a good sound but it was a blast and I would like to believe we honored God in the process. I look back and kind of cringe at the sound we had, but that is where it all started for each one of us. For me, I used to get so nervous on stage I had to have a fan on me so I wouldn't get sick! Now today I am working on booking shows and releasing my own music I hope to play live! Fred Boothman went on to be a graduate of Liberty University for Worship & Music Ministry and is now a Worship Leader at Ocean State Baptist Church in Rhode Island with his beautiful wife Leah and daughter Madelyn. Scott Dube was called to be the Pastor of Lifesong New England with his wife Marisa and his son William.  Brian Soule is now serving at New Hope Chapel in the worship ministry and a member of The Victory Project, also married to his wife Liz. Last but not least Brad Clark moved on to help start a new church known as Discovery Church along with his wife Kristen and daughter Mekenna. We all look back and just shake our heads at the idea of that band we founded. But I know it was some of the best moments I have had, and it reminds me of how blessed we all were to where we are today. We have grown so much as musicians, people, and servants of God, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us next. 

Travis Pics 376.jpg

This was one of our original songs we had written around 10 years ago. This is a recording from 2005 so I may sound a little or more like a lot different than what I sound like today. Enjoy!