Going Through the Motions (Update)

   So I never got a chance to come back to this and reflect on the fact that filming for "Going through the Motions" is complete!! We are so excited that all of our filming is done and now we will just be working on editing the piece. This has been an incredible experience and we have had so many great volunteers from actors, locations, and crew each piece has made this experience special. We hope you will join us in spreading the word and most importantly praying for this short film as we try to  reach as many as possible. I have experienced myself years of just going through the motions in my own spiritual walk and it is so hard to break out of that routine. This is truly a message that Christians need to hear. So spread the word as we wrap up editing this piece and keep an eye out for more updates as we look to release this short film over the next few months! Here are some more photos from our final days of shooting as well!! Let's spread the word!