Travis was born on June 12, 1990 in Dallas, TX. His family soon moved to Massachusetts, where he grew up in with his parents and two brothers. From the very start his family was very involved in the church, with his father being a pastor and mother leading worship at the church. Travis began to see that influence at a very young age first singing in the church at 5 years old. Music began to play a strong role in the Boothman household as his older brother began to learn the drums, and as the younger brother, Travis followed his footsteps around 9-10 years old. Fred continued to grow, later learned the guitar, and developed into a strong member of the youth worship band in the church. Looking to get involved Travis found himself looking towards the AV side of worship, and soon found himself in the sound booth weekly.


  Travis spent months observing the sound board operated at the church, and when the church needed a new sound guy, he stepped in. It started out as running tracks and vocalists but quickly developed into running sound for full bands and for special services. Eventually Travis became the main sound guy for the church, and quickly developed an ear towards sound in worship. However eventually Travis would find his way off the sound board and onto the stage. In 2002, he was set to go on a missions trip to Ukraine along with his family and other members of the church. However before they flew out there Travis was asked to play the bass while they led in worship at the camp. So Travis learned the basics of playing the bass and found himself playing bass for the church when he returned home. He joined a band known as Steadfast soon after and found himself playing bass for the next 7 years. 

  In 2008 Travis graduated from South Shore Christian Academy and headed off to Liberty University to begin his college life. He began his time there as a sports management major, but as he was exposed to the high quality worship environment of Liberty, he then switched his major to Worship Studies. Liberty taught him to follow God's calling in the church, and to honor God's first calling on our lives to worship Him. It is through that teaching that Travis was led to leave Liberty and come back home to start a new church ministry known as Lifesong New England. Lifesong had its first service in August of 2009 as a service directed towards reaching the youth. The goal was to create an almost concert like environment where no one was pressured to dress nicely or bring their King James Bible, but rather to come as you are and be moved by the passion and excitement in worshipping God. When the service was created, the music was designed to be contemporary, and their was need for another electric guitarist. Travis purchased his first electric guitar rig (Peavey guitar, Vox Night Train, Ibanez Tube Screamer, etc.) and began developing his guitar chops to become Lifesong's lead electric guitarist. It was then that he found his true love for playing guitar, and has continued developing those skills over the years. 

  Along with starting a new church ministry, Travis enrolled at Boston Baptist College and at the same time enrolled at Berklee College of Music. Over the years he was able to use the production skills he learned at Berklee to help introduce click, tracks, and live recording to worship at Lifesong, and also produced and mixed LIfesong's first worship album in 2011. Travis graduated with a Bachelor's in Biblical Studies from Boston Baptist College in 2012 and also received a Master's Certificate from Berklee College of Music in Music Production and Technology. He continued to help grow the worship ministry along with his brother Fred who was serving as the worship leader to Lifesong. 

  In 2013 Travis family began to go through a very tough period of their lives, as his father one day decided he wanted a divorce. As a current pastor the drama that followed led to power struggles in the church, bitterness in the family, and all around stress and anxiety that created a very tough couple of years. Living in the church's home, Travis found himself along with his younger brother Mitchell staying a smaller bedroom together with their oldest brother and his wife. Through that time they continued to struggle through the drama of divorce, but slowly began to develop an even deeper relationship with one another. However even as they got closer as brothers, Travis continue to struggle to be a part of the church. He found himself bitter anytime he walked through the doors and it was damaging to his spiritual life and leadership in the church. Lifesong now as a self sustainable church decided to move on to a separate building, the arts center at the YMCA in Hanover, MA. It was a great change of pace for the church, and a chance to pursue the great commission outside of the current drama. However God eventually called Travis and his family to move on to other churches, and in July 2014 they stepped down from Lifesong.

  After some searching Travis landed at New Hope Chapel and after a couple months joined the worship team as an electric guitarist. Travis played his first Sunday at New Hope Chapel with The Victory Project and on that day was asked to officially join the band. A couple weeks later he found himself playing his first show with them on the Plymouth Waterfront. 6 months later Travis was asked to step in as the new worship leader at New Hope Chapel and also to be the new lead vocalist for The Victory Project. He was blessed to play gigs all over New England with The Victory Project, such as Soulfest and Connect Festival. These experiences confirmed God's calling on his life in music, and is currently preparing for new endeavors in the music world. However through all of this he wants to continue to impact the church and specifically worship in the church, and has since developed the WorshipInThe.Church training program and continues to contribute to 


This journey made you who you are, the glory won and all the battle scars”
— Travis Bothman